Best ZenCash Mining Pool for MAX profits? Suprnova vs Zhash vs Miningspeed


My latest ZenCash mining pool comparison is now live! The Zen network has evolved entirely, it is crazy comparing these stats to my prior tests, however regardless there will always be pools that end up more profitable or less and. . here are the results! Suprnova vs Zhash vs Miningspeed


every pool will be the same in mid-term, if he has a true fee, without hidden commissions
BTW we’ve a new 0% fee zen pool till 1 jan 2018


All of my pool comparisons have clearly shown differences between mining pools during the testing periods.

Just this last test one of the mining pools showcased earned 1.5 LESS Zen than the other, that’s certainly not the same.

Also you plug your pool saying that is has a 0% fee until January 1st, and then what does the fee become?


For a more accurate comparison, it is correct to take a period of several days, two days is fine I think, but It’s too much difference in pools hashrate, so it may affect a result.
And if after that there is a tangible difference, then it can be guaranteed to say that some of pools is unlucky or has a hidden commission.
A good example is our pool at the moment, we’ve too low hashrate to find block at least once a day, and even if pool show us 1 day to find a block it can be 2 days actually, and after that we can find 3 blocks in one day, like we do yesterday.

After 1jan we’ll setup 1% fee as on all our pools.

BTW good work, great reviews.


This video is a 22 day test, I certainly agree it takes extended time to give an accurate comparison.

Congratulations on launching a pool it appears to be a nice pool I will have to point some miners to it eventually and try it out.

Thank you!


You’re welcome.
We’re really lucky for last 5 days. With avg 1block/day estimation we hit 8 blocks :wink:
+50-60% profit to loyal miners.


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I hear these claims that smaller pools that find less blocks will “in the long run” payout just as much as the large pools. Unfortunately the only way to prove this is to mine for several months on a small pool and then compare your earnings to what you were getting on the large pool. Let’s say you do this and you find that the larger pool paid out appreciably more. The first thing the small poolers will tell you is that you have to mine even longer, say a year, to prove that they are all the same. Those of us who have to pay their own power bill every month can’t tell the power company that “don’t worry I will have your money in 6 months once my mining earnings level out.” Also, many small pools shut down before you have a chance to “even out” earnings. Voskcoin is right, Suprnova is where anyone who is seriously mining for profit and not hobby should mine Zen.


Hey Vosk, really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work.

My 2 cents on this topic. I’ve been mining just a month and so I don’t know if I am the only one here that does this, but I have tried Suprnova, Zhash and Mining Pool Hub, and though I haven’t tested it scientifically as I don’t have sufficient rigs yet, based on what I’ve seen so far I seem to make more on MPH than I do with the others.

With MPH I use the Equihash multi miner setting and convert it to Zen. It is mining Zen a lot of the time anyway, it just seems the times where Zclassic or Zcash are more profitable it mines that, and that little bit of extra makes a difference when converted back to Zen, so on average it appears to result in more net Zen. .

Anyway, I would be interested if anyone here could do a test with a few rigs and pitch MPH against the better Zen exclusive pool and see which really nets out better. I plan to keep doing a few days at a time on each and see if my results continue as they have been.