Cannot z_sendmany to private address - invalid zcash address


Hi there,

I am using zen-cli (Zen 2.0.11) to send myself some zen from my TADDR to my ZADDR which I generated by zen-cli z_getnewaddress.

Here’s what I get:

zen-cli sendmany “” '{"****":0.1}'
error code: -5
error message:
Invalid Zcash address: ****

**** is my address which is 95 chars long beginning with “zc”

Any ideas?


For one thing, you want “z_sendmany”, not “sendmany.” It should go like this:

zen-cli z_sendmany "from-taddr" "[{\"address\": \"to-zaddr\", \"amount\": 0.1}]"

then you can check if it is working with

zen-cli z_getoperationstatus


Thanks Max, that worked pretty well. I used the wrong method (sendmany instead of z_sendmany). Sorry for being so blind!