Password manager


What do you think to develop a Password manager using the memo field feature of zen ?

The main advantage would be the guarantee to keep an access to your password manager whatever the circumstances because it will be “engraved on the blockchain”.

I would design it as follows:
The user has a passphrase which is the seed of a private z_address.
When he wants to add a password to its password manager, all he has to do is to send a transaction to the z_address including its password in the memo field.

I am a little worried if the passphrase seed of the user gets compromised. All the passwords contained in the address would be revealed… And it’s not possible to “delete” them.
A solution to avoid this problem would consist in implementing a feature letting the user change easily all his passwords on the different services (google, amazon, etc.) like with dashlane. Then you could migrate the new password for all services to an other z_address with a new secret seed.
The connection to the different services seems more complicated to develop…