Swing Wallet Error Again - is this really fit for purpose?


Hi, I posted this same topic a few days ago but deleted it as I thought I’d found a fix.

Basically I get this error in Swing Wallet, over and over.


I backed up wallet and reinstalled, renamed the folder where everything is, started Swing again fresh, copied back over my wallet.dat and for 3 days I have been waiting for the block index to update so that I can see my balances, and meanwhile continue mining. Eventually the index gets to virtually up to date, like 99%, then I get this same error again.

I am fairly new to mining, but this whole thing is pretty worrying. If I have coins in a private wallet and cannot access them in Swing, the only wallet that’s supposed to work for private coins, then what am I supposed to do?

I am going to try the command prompt approach -reindex and see if that fixes it.

Is there a known cause for this problem.


i also cant load my wallet properly :frowning: hopefully this gets resolved



The issue with the wallet not starting properly is due to a broken local block-chain. The underlying technical cause is not in the GUI itself but in the ZEN core/node. The problem is being investigated as a priority by the ZEN core team. It started occurring recently with high frequency without any software changes - it is related to network load/transactions/block content. Once a fix is made available a new wallet release will be made. The workaround to do reindexing is not very convenient but still allows uses to recover from the problem. For details of how to reindex, see the troubleshooting guide: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/blob/master/docs/TroubleshootingGuide.md

Users who encounter the problem more than once may also store a “good” copy of the blockchain for later re-use as mentioned in this post.

The ZEN private keys are located in the wallet.dat file in directory:
Windows: %APPDATA%/Zen/
Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/Zen/

To make sure your ZEN is not lost, the most important thing is to keep a backup copy of your wallet.dat file - it must never be lost! It may be copied manually when the GUI wallet/zend are not running. The wallet.dat needs to be backed up regularly (not just once - say after every 30-40 outgoing transactions) and it MUST also be backed up after creating a new Z address.


I don’t use Zen to send messages atm, nor am I trying to be super-duper private about my balance. For this reason I realized it makes a lot more sense to use the Arizen wallet - it will operate ‘smoother’.

Here is what you do:

  1. make sure you re-index zend (open powershell admin by holding the windows button and pressing ‘x’ then select the windows powershell admin)
    a) type this: cd ‘directory of zend.exe’ (find zend.exe on your pc and replace the ‘directory’ with your actual directory. It should be in a folder called ‘app’ which is in the folder where you installed the wallet.
    b) type this “./zend - reindex” (no quotation marks)
    c) leave it overnight until it’s synched, close it, then start up zend. Make sure it says 100% synched.

  2. Choose the export to Arizen option in zend (‘wallet’ -> ‘export unencrypted Arizen wallet’)

  3. Install Arizen (download Arizen.Setup.1.1.3.exe here:https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/arizen/releases)

  4. Make a user name and password for the Arizen wallet. Follow’s Gandalf’s advice on what to do with the password here: https://youtu.be/_YhpauKGgQ4

  5. In Arizen, Import the file you exported from zend (file -> import unencrypted Arizen wallet)

  6. wait a few moments then enjoy your super smooth new wallet! You can delete your old wallet. Make sure you keep that Arizen wallet backup file somewhere super safe just in case. Do this before deleting your old wallet.

You won’t have to sync with the blockchain like in Zend. I’m aware Zend will have some improvement’s on the horizon. I will probably switch at some point in the future when I want to do some super secret shady private stuff.

Hope this helps!