ZenCash Mining Pools (Updated: Feb 17, 2018)


This list was taken from the official ZEN site (https://zensystem.io/mining-pools/) and was merged with the list found in the Announcements posted by @Blockops.

I removed the dead links and added all the new pools I could find. The list is sorted alphabetically and categorized by mining fees.

Rig owners: Keep ZEN pools alive. Please spread the hash power to pools other than the big players.

Pool operators: List your pools here and I will add them to the list.

Happy mining everyone :wink:

0% Fee ZEN Pools

CatsPool - http://zen.catspool.org/ 0% fee
HopeMining - https://zen.hopemining.org/ 0% fee
JunoCash Zen Pool - http://zen.junocash.com/ 0% fee
Nibiru Pool - http://zen.nibirupool.com/ 0% fee
Owl Minersโ€™ Club - http://zen.owlminingclub.com/ 0% fee
ZenMine Pro - https://zenmine.pro/ 0% fee

0.2% - 0.5% Fee ZEN Pools

MineZenCash - https://minezencash.cloud/ 0.20% fee
Miner Maniac - http://www.minermaniac.com/ 0.25% fee
ZenCash Pool Sexy - http://zen.pool.sexy/ 0.25% fee
HebUsio Pool - https://zenpool-eu.hebusio.com/ 0.30% fee
Miningspeed - http://zen.miningspeed.com/ 0.40% fee
Luckpool - http://www.luckpool.org/ 0.50% fee
ZHash.pro - https://zen.zhash.pro/ 0.50% fee

1% - 3% Fee ZEN Pools

MineZ Zone - https://minez.zone/ 1% fee
SuprNova - https://zen.suprnova.cc/ 1% fee
TreeFrog Mines - https://treefrogmines.com/ 1% fee
ZenPool - https://zenpool.org/ 1% fee

ZenCash Mining Pools (Updated: Dec 19, 2017)

HashIt - http://Hashitmining.com/ 0% Fee


Please keep adding here, the list will be updated again soon again. :wink:


MyZen.cash - European dedicated ZENCASH mining pool | https://myzen.cash |

We are announcing new dedicated European ZENcash mining pool within next features;

**SSD Server cluster** - **FRANKFURT** node
0,5% mining fee
PPLNT payout scheme
MyZen.cash P2P nodes
Anonymus Mining
Mining server/servers statistic
**DDoS and cloudflare protection**

Upcomming features;

**MyZen.cash API** for miners, detail monitoring statistic
Wall of shame for DDoS and server attacks with geolocation  
and many more in development....


mail: [email protected]
Slack - https://myzencash.slack.com/

Dedicated USA servers will be deployed in next two months.

MyZen.cash team